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Women Shoes

Adidas Avacourt White



Lace up with confidence knowing the adidas Avacourt was created and inspired by female tennis players of all ages, levels, shapes and sizes. After years of research and learning from what makes your feet unique, these beautiful shoes feature a specific midfoot support system to combat women's softer arches. A protective material for abrasion resistance helps with durability at the toe box, which is the most common spot for women to wear out their shoes. To achieve their light yet supportive build, these shoes have transparent layers on the upper while Bounce Pro cushioning integrates two densities of foam for comfort and responsiveness, so you can lace up day after day with confidence. 

Upper: Layers of transparent support with mid-foot system avoiding pressure points keeping you comfortable yet confident when moving
Midsole: Bounce Pro cushioning blends comfort and support for a light, yet responsive underfoot feel; specific last keeps the fit ideal as it has been created for women after years of researching female tennis player's feet
Outsole: Translucent rubber for the perfect blend of traction on any court surface
Color: White / Indigo / Orange 

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