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Bobbi Brown Face And Cheek Palette - Medium

Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown
Face And Cheek Palette
What it is: The essential skin tone-correct face palette co-created with artists to enhance the skin you're in. The palette includes Bronzing Powder, Illuminating Bronzing Powder, and Blush in a trio of complementary, skin-warming shades for a fresh, natural look.

What it does: Three complementary cheek colors in one palette allow you to shape, shade, layer, and enhance for a real-skin glow.

Shade Names:
- Light: Golden Light Bronzing Powder, Nude Peach Blush, Golden Pink Illuminating Bronzer
- Medium: Medium Bronzing Powder, Tawny Blush, Chelsea Illuminating Bronzer
- Deep: Deep Bronzing Powder, Almond Blush, Brooklyn Nights Illuminating Bronzer
Free of parabens, phthalate, sulfates

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