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G-Shock Rai Hachimura Limited - Men's Watch



Men's watch
Limited edition
Introducing the second Rui Hachimura signature G-SHOCK. Bound into the future of tough, rugged watches with this signature timepiece inspired by professional basketball player Rui Hachimura. Breaking new ground in watch design with a metal forged bezel, this watch introduces a distinctive color palette to the base model � the metal-clad GM-110 analog-digital combination � for a truly original timepiece. The design begins with the case, metal band loop, and buckle ion-plated in lustrous copper, and then adds yellow, green, and red, the national colors of Hachimura�s ancestral home of Benin, to the hands, dial and cloth band loops. Switch between watchbands � classic black to make the copper case really pop, or the truly special kente-cloth* motif. Hachimura�s personal logo, which combines the Japanese character for 8 (?) and a Japanese sword, is engraved on the metal band loop and the back of the watch case. *Kente-cloth: Kente are specially woven festive ritual cloths used in West Africa. Adorned with traditional proverbs and sayings, kente patterns boast a long cultural history.

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