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Givenchy Volume Disturbia Volume & Curve Mascara - 01 Black Disturbia



Volume Disturbia Excessive Volume & Curve mascara – 24-hours wear #MadeToDisturb

Imagined by Nicolas Degennes to give a voice to all types of beauty, even the most singular ones, Volume Disturbia is without a doubt the #MadeToDisturb mascara by Givenchy. The ultra gliding texture, with intensely black pigments of Volume Disturbia, allows you to create an instantly visible volume (+93%*) from the very first application, and for 24 hours. A volume and curve effect, so excessive, they are almost disturbing! The buildable and clump free formula allows you to create looks from the most natural to the most intense, and achieve an ultra dramatic volume, decidedly Disturbia!

The exclusive Givenchy silicone hollow brush in a cylindrical shape, brushes the lashes from base to tip with its micro bristles, to expertly comb the lashes and bring and optimal charge and coating. Volume Disturbia is also infused with vitamin E to protect the lashes. Also available in a red shade Red Disturbia, for the most daring looks.

Rule Breaker Formula: It can be summed up in one word: excess. Volume Disturbia glideon texture leaves lashes with a breathtaking curl, increasing volume by 93% with just one sweep, and promises record 24-hour hold. Enriched with vitamin E which boasts protective properties, this mascara can be applied, then re-applied as often as you want without clumping. Create your own personalised look, without constraints or limits. The formula prowess is maximised by an unprecedented brush, exclusive to Givenchy: a hollow silicone cylindrical applicator with micro-bristles, which holds just the right amount of product and applies it precisely and evenly, from the root to the tip. Intensely pigmented, Volume Disturbia comes in two shades: intense black and provocative red. In both cases, the lashes flaunt such extreme volume that it can be rather disconcerting.

Are you #MadeToDisturb?

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