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Women's Watch

Titan Filigree by Nebula - 18 Karat Solid Gold Analog Women's Watch

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Women's watch
Premium Watch
18 Karat
Gold Watch
Inspired by the subtle rise and fall of waves on a serene beach at dawn, this watch is the epitome of opulence and regality. A dainty mother of pearl dial sits at the heart of a sturdy circular 18 Karat yellow gold case. Four petite stones are embedded into the dial and are placed at 15-minute intervals to indicate the time. The bezel is detailed with dual golden-tones, adding a classy touch with its subtle beauty. The gold strap of the watch is deftly crafted, portraying skilful craftsmanship. Delicate golden strings entwine to form a sublime mirage of ambrosial waves, each piece being linked with dainty golden ropes. The strap comes together with a push button clasp, allowing you to secure the gorgeous piece on your wrist.

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